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Class Logless

Logless will automatically capture logs and diagnostics for your Node.js Lambda or Express.js service.

To use it with Lambdas, simply wrap your function handler, like so:

    var bst = require('bespoken-tools');

    exports.handler = bst.Logless.capture("<SECRET_KEY>", function (event, context) {
        // Lambda code goes here
        context.done(null, "Hello World");

To use it with Express.js, simply wrap configure it with your routes.

    var bst = require('bespoken-tools');

    var logless = bst.Logless.middleware("<SECRET_KEY>");
    app = express();


    // Application handlers and routers registered here
    app.post("/", function {

    // The Logless error handler must be registered last

That's all there is to it. Then you can see all your logs through our handy dashboard!

We will effortlessly capture and format:

  • Request and response payloads
  • Console output (including instrumentation for timing and all debug levels)
  • Error and stack traces


  • Logless



Static Domain

Domain: string = "logless.bespoken.tools"


Static capture

  • capture(source: string, handler: Function): Function
  • Wraps an AWS Lambda function to capture logs and diagnostics


    • source: string

      The secret key for your Logless app

    • handler: Function

    Returns Function

Static disableConsoleLogging

  • disableConsoleLogging(): void

Static enableConsoleLogging

  • enableConsoleLogging(): void
  • Experimental - this uses monkey-patching to trace console output associated with a transaction on ExpressJS The logs that come back associated with a particular log conversation should not be considered completely reliable at this point. ONLY necessary for ExpressJS.

    Returns void

Static logger

Static middleware

  • Returns an object to hold handlers for use in capturing logs and diagnostics with Express.js


    • source: string

      The secret key for your Logless app

    Returns LoglessMiddleware

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