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Rampage through code/test iterations for Alexa and Lambda development

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With Bespoken Tools, develop faster and better. Do not slow-down for:

  • Time-consuming server deployments
  • Over-complicated and highly manual testing routines
  • Complex ffmpeg encoding and configuration

With Bespoken tools, build high-quality, faster.

The command-line tools include:

  • Deploy - One-command deployment of Lambda functions
  • Proxy - Easily debug Alexa requests by having them send directly to your laptop
  • Speak and Intend - Send intents and utterances to your Alexa skill

The library provides:

  • BSTAlexa - Alexa emulator for unit-testing and functional-testing of your skills
  • BSTEncode - Encodes audio files for use in SSML without pesky ffmpeg
  • Logless - Completely painless, serverless logging


For use of the CLI:

$ npm install bespoken-tools -g

For use of the Bespoken Tools library (including Logless and the Emulator):

$ npm install bespoken-tools --save

For additional help, see Getting Started

Tutorials For Alexa Skills

Tutorials For Google Actions

Tutorials For General Lambdas


Talk to us on Gitter, also feel free to open an issue for a bug or feature request.

We love to hear feedback.